Are you recruiting or spying on Facebook?

Originally designed as a social networking between friends or to meet new friends, Facebook has become a means of business promotion, a new type of written press, one of the blogs, the special pages dedicated to particular topics, or social searching for a job but mostly self-branding.

Each time you post, you like something or share various things, you sell information about you to a network on which security  you know very little and what in the real world you hide through words, gestures, you can reveal here, in the virtual zone.

Beyond the inauthentic due to lack of real contact between people, self branding is useful to recruiters. Yes, you read right, for those who do background screening, using self branding information for the purpose of recruitment and selection. Either they send the information to the client, or they use for their own projects, the result is the same – self branding is your advantage or Achilles heel, according to information disclosed. Think of the variant in which the employer is looking for a coach for employees, and he takes a look at Facebook as a search tool – will review what articles the candidate wrote, the recommendations provided by friends or customers, what information the candidate revealed – are clichés, every day quotes in books or on the contrary, practical advice, showing his experience, and so on. Data collected can be the basis of a final decision or confirm certain aspects of the interview.

Self branding seems to be positive in itself – how many of us post pictures while crying, arguing with loved ones or cooking, cleaning the carpet after the mess left by child etc? We ask other / other to take pictures when smiling, when we are on holiday, when happiness, relaxation are the prevailing conditions.

However, the recruiter, according to the experience of life, its own personality, can interpret and adversely different aspects encountered. In such a case you can be responsible at the highest level but if the recruiter has a bad impression on you, depending on the photos you took with the beer and some unusual features, you might not get the job you want.

You say it’s unfair, inappropriate and unprofessional but if you take a look on your work colleague Facebook page and notice his “flat” jokes, will you range him in a certain way and avoid him at work later? Self branding give rises to preconceptions and often we hide behind a screen instead of making time to talk with that person, to know by the whole not only by what she reveals on Facebook.


Spying on Facebook with the purpose of recruitment  is both useful in some areas and dangerous in general.

Useful because, for example, selection to interview a physician or a psychologist following the recommendations from patients is more likely to be a success.

Dangerous – because we might commit a common error in recruitment – we tend to choose people who resemble us, concentrating on their best quality and ignoring the rest of the painting. To judge a man based on photos on Facebook – family for example – that you like or you empathize with because you have family, children at home too or on the contrary you dislike as he/she might require too much free time for caring the children it is evidence of recruitment unrelated to the job or skills required.

I mean why go to the market to buy jobs competencies if you have money for likes? 1 like ≠ 1 gram of competence ! Have success on recruitment ! 

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