What do we learn in human resources field from Larisa Iordache

Sport gathers people – thousands of kilometers away, age, habits, different generations – all form a family and at the same time have a common goal: to make performance, demonstrating that their work has results. Sports activity also means health, continuous training, a certain level of financial, technological and especially a system of values that are focused on: WILL

See any resemblance to human resources? There are certainly more than three.

1. Performance – we hire people, evaluate them, promote them or demoted from his position in terms of output, a standard that must be achieved. As well in sport where performance is measured in the number of medals. But as in all sports, performance is related to a different standard here according to the company – one is to hire for Google for example, and another is for a small company, from the corner of the street.

2. Continuous training whether in sports every day of absence in the gym  hall has effects somehow on athlete’s physique or psychological mood, so in HR you need to always be informed. Such as recruitment channels have changed over time depending on the industry, the Internet bubble burst and that once the notice in the newspaper was an effective method, the electronic announcement is now the basic. Also HR continuous training means participation in seminars, conferences in the area of activity, reading various materials to understand to what your job is going or how far are you as a professional.

3. Will – Sport means more than 80% of the result, there is a saying in this regard: “Your body can do Anything! It’s your mind you have to convince” In HR field this is translated through initiative, the employee’s questions that reflect a desire to improve his/her performance. The sport will also be measured by the level of physical obstacles, the grieving and strength to continue unlike a job where the employee can resign the minute he feels he is tired out and traverse a path easier than now

In the vocabulary of sport the word EASY LACKS, there is only start and stop and especially there is passion and willing, the 2 motivational engines.

Larisa Iordache

I shared opinions about them with Larisa Iordache. For those who do not know, Larisa is medalist Olympic bronze medalist and silver for Romania in the last two world championships and victorious in numerous European championships in women’s gymnastics, a sport that you know for sure by  Nadia Comăneci.

Less formal, Larisa is a young woman of 20 years who enjoys anyone with her cheerful smile, spontaneity and who demonstrates patience in relationship with others. She has struck me in a positive way with her team spirit, modesty in celebrating success. The interview you can read here:

Oana: How has gymnastics changed you during 15 years of practice?

Larisa: I think from gymnastics I learned quite a lot from how to be as a person and how to behave and what is life, how to fight every day to get where you want.

Oana: Is gymnastics a passion for you? If so that means to practice with passion?

Larisa: Yes, it is a passion. It’s a lifestyle. Do what you love, and especially working with passion is great because it helps to get much easier than weights.

Oana: What advice would you give young people who do not know what career to pursue, do not know whether to quit a sport, a career?

Larisa: I am not able to give you advice but it is good for each of us to do what we like the most.

Oana: What are the challenges of a sport like gymnastics and what to expect a parent and a child when they decide to turn to this sport?

Larisa: Overall sport is challenging especially the performance one. For a parent, he should not think to quit when their child is having difficulty, but to help him overcome worse moments. And the child … should like this sport to practice more than all difficulties and I think it will come out all right, no matter what!

Oana: What does it mean to be motivated and stay motivated as you do after an injury that keeps you out of gym at least 6 months?

Larisa: It is said that when you’re down you are motivated to get up, that’s it secret. If you like to be first, you will always find the resources to get up.

Oana: There 3 highest qualities of Larisa are ….

Larisa: Woow … are .. do not know!

Certainly one of them is modesty! 🙂 If not now you’ve got!

Oana: If you have a pet or bird home it would be ….

Larisa: I already have a dog. Boy named 🙂

Oana: A message for the fans

Larisa: I thank for all the support all the good times and less good!

We reached our discussion to the European Championship Gymnastics, held between 19 and April 23 for the first time in Romania, Cluj after 36 years and as expected, the health will be one of the deciding factors on participation.

What do we learn from sports and from Larisa Iordache and can be used successfully in human resources (HR)? Let’s discover our passions, to fight for them even when we reache less pleasant moments or even real obstacles!
Thanks to Larisa for this exclusive interview and wish her to be healthy and we, her fans, have the joy to see her on stage of gymnastics as soon as possible, and those who read the article, to think for a moment about the job they do really  like and feel they do not work even one day!

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