Importance of experience in labour market

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Eighteen years old and many dreams, a bag of confidence and labour market waits for you. You experience first emotions of a job interview, first „never call back” and first rejections. You want to provide best arguments for the dream job you desired but it i something you cant compete with:EXPERIENCE. Usually defined as a capacity to provide solutions to complex situations based on difficult situations you face în the past. Actually experience is often misunderstood with the period of time spent on a certain role and it is not a surprise that every job advertisment contains „at least 1 year of experience on position”.
Assuming the HR Recruiter will set a right definition of experience, you will be lucky enough to receive other job than moving documents between departments or sharing foldings în the street. Once you get a job, your relation with experience will change depending on the company’s culture.
A company with a good equilibrium between constraint and freedom of making mistakes is the one you should choose. Why that? Because experience means MISTAKES, LEARNING FROM MISTAKES, IMPROVING THE BEST PRACTICES.
If you was hired and in the first month you had already been told that „you MUST do the right things, MUST NOT ask questions and were already blamed for mistakes” , it is for sure you failed in choosing the company.
If you ask why, that is because EXPERIENCE IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL WITH SELF CONFIDENCE. You are allowed to make mistakes, you discover best practices, you gain trust and are able to take better decisions in similar situations în the future.
Self confidence increases through experience and is the basement of the new change, new experiences.
Experience is also the barometer of company values. Does a company appreciate the experience of an employee or the „fresh blood” is the main source of productivity? You might see in the age average, in the age of employees from top positions.  Is a company opened to risk, to new initiatives or dedicated to traditional way of doing things, extremely cautious in decisions? You can figure out based on the recruitment and retention policy – are internal promotions the rule or do the outside experienced experts prevail?
And now comes another dilema: how much experience? When a candidate or an employee has many years of experience behind and this is also related to age, experience may become an obstacle for company. That happens either from a sense of all knowing or fear that a new manner of doing things will affect in a negative way the company and employee’s position. Too much is bad, too little is risky. Experience becomes a kind of sword with 2 blades and a real chore for HR Department. You know the joke actually – „looking for graduated young fresh candidate with little expectations and big experience”.
When facing a rejection, just remeber dear candidate that the Recruiter too has too little or too much experience in relation to his job, so be Patient and smile!

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